Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the Environmental Department from the fields of New England and beyond! In the past few months, TCE Environmental has made appearances in New York, Maine, and seven Vermont counties. During this, they conducted a seven day long, 220 acre wetland delineation, wildlife assessment, and rare plant, animal, and natural community survey in Plattsburgh, New York. Much like TCE’s survey crew, the environmental staff works in all types of weather conditions. They collaborate with clientele from a variety of sectors including renewable energy, industrial, commercial, and residential to keep their projects moving forward.

Wetland delineations are not formally reviewed by the State of Vermont or New England Army Corps of Engineers after the growing season ends, but there’s plenty of work that can still be done in the form of wetland and wildlife habitat assessments, natural community surveys, environmental permitting, and GIS analyses during the “off season”.