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Environmental Site Assessment Services

An Environmental Site Assessment, also commonly referred to as a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, is an important service to have completed before or during a commercial real estate transaction. A Phase I ESA is used to identify how a particular piece of land may have been impacted previously, ranging from soil contamination, groundwater contamination, and improper disposal of hazardous waste and materials which may affect the environment or pose a threat to an individual’s well-being. Prospective buyer’s often have this assessment completed prior to a real estate transaction because if any of these issues are discovered, it presents a possible liability for both the lender(s) and/or property owner(s). An important thing to note about having a Phase I ESA completed prior to a real estate transaction is that it can be used to comply with CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act) or Superfund requirements.

A Phase 1 ESA can identify other sources of hazards, such as chemical spills or erosion risks, helping to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. These site assessments involve a detailed property condition analysis of factors such as soil quality, water and air contamination, in order to assess the overall health of the site. A well-conducted Environmental Site Assessment can provide valuable information about potential risks and help to identify ways to minimize these risks, as well as detail the history of the property and whether sensitive or potentially toxic materials may have been disposed on the land.

Whether you’re working in construction, manufacturing, automotive, cleaning or any other industry which could present an environmental risk, we know first-hand that ESAs are a crucial step to complete before building or operating any type of business on a previously developed site. TCE’s environmental site assessment services provide an in-depth understanding of the property to identify environmental risks, allowing businesses to make informed decisions. Beginning with a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, this report is completed by an Environmental Professional on residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural property, or even unoccupied land. The following explains how these services typically take place and what is included.

Phase I ESA Services:

  • Review available information provided by the client, such as, site plans and diagrams, appraisals, title search, previous environmental or geotechnical reports, waste manifest records, material safety data sheets (MSDS), RCRA compliance evaluation inspection reports, etc.
  • Interview people knowledgeable of past and present use(s) of the site, modifications to the site, environmental permits, waste handling practices, and regulatory compliance history.
  • Interview local, state, and federal officials (as appropriate) regarding past and present site operations, land use, and other pertinent information.
  • Review available historical and regulatory information on the subject property and surrounding properties including aerial photographs, historical maps, site plans, Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, City Directories, etc.
  • Optional – Complete a Tier I Vapor Encroachment Screening (VES) of the subject property in accordance with ASTM Standard E2600-15.
  • Perform a site reconnaissance to determine the use, operations, and condition of the subject property, on-site buildings, and other site features, related to the identification of Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs), Historical RECs, Business Environmental Risks (BER) and/or de-minimis conditions.
  • Prepare a report in accordance with ASTM E1527-13 and ASTM E1527-21 detailing the findings of the various regulatory file reviews, historical research, interviews, site reconnaissance. The report conclusions will identify any RECs (if any exist), and clearly offer a recommendation for each identified Recognized Environmental Condition.

Phase II ESA Services:

  •  If a Phase II ESA is needed based on the findings of the Phase I ESA, a site-specific scope of services will be developed for review and approval.

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Ground Penetrating Radar Services:

In addition to completing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, you may be curious to know if there are utilities or objects located underground on your property before you build or develop. TCE has you covered. Contact Vermont Underground Locators today to have Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) find unseen pipes, clay tile, rebar, conduit, Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), and many other utilities and structures. There are some limitations to what GPR can do, so call VT Underground Locators at 802-863-7113 and find out if we can help you on your site.

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