About Us


At TCE we work collaboratively to help our clients succeed.

What is TCE?

TCE, or Trudell Consulting Engineers, is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm and part of Bowman Consulting Group with offices located in Williston, Vermont.

TCE specializes in site/civil engineering, environmental, landscape architecture, and land surveying, for a variety of clients in Vermont. Our clients span the public and private sectors and range from individual homeowner’s to large corporations.

TCE was founded in 1975 and has continued to evolve and adapt to the changing economy and challenges of an ever increasing complex regulatory world. We assist our clients with achieving their goal and developing successful projects from the initial concept through the final construction.

In May 2022, TCE joined forces and consolidated operations with Lamoureux & Dickinson Consulting Engineers, a leading Vermont civil engineering firm since 1985.

On February 5, 2024 Bowman Consulting Group Ltd. (NASDAQ: BWMN) acquired TCE and VT Underground Locators.  All of TCE’s employees will join Bowman and continue under Jeremy’s leadership in the Williston, VT office.

Our Mission

As part of Bowman Consulting Group, TCE provides expert design and guidance to our clients with VT land interests

Our Vision

To live, work, and play in a healthy environment

TCE Motto - Work Hard, Play Hard

Our Core Values

Strength, Dedication, Collaboration, Time Management, Responsiveness


TCE’s strengths are its staff and longevity. As a services company, the key to TCE’s success continues to be the experience and expertise of our professional staff. We can draw on our 45+ years of experience to assist with developing effective solutions for new projects. Strength comes also from our staff itself, who as working Vermonters, embrace family values, wellness, and seek to enjoy a healthier and more productive lifestyle.


Our staff is dedicated to the success of our clients and their own professional development.This has been a hallmark of TCE and we continue to look for new ways to deliver our services efficiently with the best interest of our clients in mind. Our dedication to the client is best exemplified in our ability to foresee and eliminate roadblocks in the design or permitting process. We also seek to improve ourselves individually and as a firm through continuing education, and constant evaluation of our internal processes.


We are a team oriented company. Our staff’s diversity and flexibility helps us to collaborate and adjust to the changing demands of the project. We also strive to collaborate with the client and other members of the design team, the public, and the regulatory community in order to achieve the project goals. We use one simple strategy to do this…communication.


Time is money, and TCE’s staff is well aware of this old adage. We continually work with our clients on project schedules and recognize the importance of time in a project’s success. While many factors may be out of our control, we strive to do our best at meeting project deadlines and communicating with our clients as things change. We routinely look at the way we deliver our services and seek to become more efficient every day. We invest in, and utilize, technology in our workplace to increase our efficiency. We also believe in continuing education as a way to find new solutions.


TCE is responsive to our clients in a variety of ways. We recognize the importance of communicating regularly with the client and responding to their changing needs as a project evolves. Whether the project is large or small, TCE works to provide the quickest response we can. In many cases, we take out the complexity in order to streamline the work, and find the best solution to a problem.

Clients We Work With

Meeting our client’s needs, on time and on budget, is the foundation of our business and drives the decisions and actions we take on a daily basis.