Water Supply & Wastewater


In the past 20 years, State and Federal regulations have turned their eye on the effects of sediment and nutrient loading on our rivers, lakes, and streams.

TCE has depth and breadth of experience in the Water Resource Management field.

TCE projects are designed to reduce runoff leaving the site, minimize pollution and outline construction methods to minimize the amount of bare earth exposed to erosive rainfall.

Stormwater Management

  • Treatment system design
  • Preparation of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
  • State permits, including MSGP, operational permits & FRPs
  • Expert Testimony

Stormwater Modeling

  • Hydrologic modeling
  • Sediment load modeling
  • Watershed-wide planning

Floodplain Determination

  • FEMA permitting (LOMA, LOMR, CLOMA)

Green Infrastructure

  • LEED-compliant BMPs

Inspection Services

  • OSPC services
  • Erosion control specialist services

Erosion Control

  • Preparation of EPSC plans

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