Landscape Architecture


At TCE we believe that Landscape Architecture is an important aspect of site planning and design, and adds significant value to our client’s projects.

Attractive and well-functioning places invite people and increase your business. We work hard to integrate our environmental and site design practices into the unique context of each project.

Landscape architecture is integrated to every project, from conceptual plans to final construction drawings for residential and commercial site development, industrial growth, parks, trails, natural areas, parking facilities, and roadways.

Our designers have a strong botanical and ecological background which allows them to prepare detailed planting plans and designs applicable to the diverse mix of natural and built environments within Vermont.

Some of our Landscape Architectural Services Clients include:

A& C Realty
Bowl New England
Champlain Oil Company
Citizen Cider
DEW Construction
Evergreen Family Health
Freeman French Freeman
Green Mountain Power

Halverson Development
Jay Peak Resort
Linchris Hotel Corp.
Town of Milton
Peak CM, LLC
Private Residential Developers
Private Commercial Developers
ReArch Company

Town of Shelburne
Town of St. George
Sisters and Brothers Partnership
Stowe Club Highlands
Taft Corners Associates
Technology Park Partners
Vermont Land Design
Woodstock Hospitality
Zaremba Group, LLC.

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