Costco Permitting & Design Project by TCE

TCE has worked with Costco since its beginnings here in Vermont. Costco opened up their doors in 1992 when the original building was constructed in Colchester. At the time the site had a different building called Bio-Tech that was razed to build the first and only Costco in Vermont. Since then, TCE has assisted Costco with adding a few small additions to the site like the tire center over the years. Efforts began again in earnest in 2009; looking at conceptual gas station options and a warehouse expansion.

Design, permitting and many appeals followed for over 10 years as strong opposition to the project was encountered. The Costco Gas Station was built in 2018 but, with another bump in the road, it could not open without traffic improvements at the intersection of Lower Mountain View Drive and US Route 2/7. A subsequent amendment was approved to allow limited hours of operation and, through sheer will, determination, and over 10 years of perseverance, the gas station finally officially opened in 2020.

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