TCE uses ecological assessments to understand the setting of our clients’ projects, which inform our designs and allow them to fit into the landscape and avoid impacts.


Wetlands occur where water meets land, a distinct ecosystem that is inundated by water, either permanently or seasonally and supports the growth of wetland vegetation. For site-specific wetland identification and delineation, three parameters must be evaluated: vegetation, soils, and hydrology. TCE conducts wetland delineations, wetland functional assessments, permitting, and restoration throughout New England and beyond.


Wildlife studies focus on conservation and management, with the aim of learning about the ecology of a population in the field in order to avoid impact and minimize disturbance. TCE’s wildlife studies include both a scientific understanding of species habitat and behavioral patterns as well as a regulatory understanding.


Ecology studies the interaction of organisms with each other and with their environment. It is the relationship between individuals and interactions across populations and their environment. TCE’s studies are used as a baseline for future management and monitoring.

GIS Mapping

TCE provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services to provide our clients with geospatial tools that inform decision making.

Solar Site Assessment & Permitting

TCE has been successfully working with Vermont and national solar companies for residential and commercial clients.

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