Meadowridge Subdivision Stormwater

Meadowridge Subdivision Stormwater

Throughout Vermont there are waterways which have been deemed impaired by the EPA and various communities have been tasked with restoring them. The Meadowridge subdivision was identified as a site requiring stormwater retrofits as part of the Allen Brook Flow Restoration Plan (FRP). TCE was engaged by Meadowridge to provide feasibility, design, and permittng services for this project.

To begin, TCE prepared an Engineering Feasibility Analysis (EFA), which identified some of the project constraints, such as topography, existing infrastructure, and parcel boundaries. Once the EFA was accepted by the Town, TCE provided a full range of design services including topographic survey of the site, wetland and stream delineation, and the design of three separate stormwater control systems to provide treatment for the site.

The final design for the treatment systems required analysis of the available common land to determine treatment locations that would maximize treatment but also be accessible for maintenance. The final design also required extensive coordination with the Town of Williston in order to meet the requirements of the Town, who will be assuming operational control of the treatment systems.

TCE also assisted with permit applications for wetland impacts, erosion prevention and sediment control, Act 250, and Town zoning.

Topographic Survey, Engineering Feasibility Analysis (EFA), Erosion Prevention, Permit Applications, Wetland Delineation