Jiffy Mart Gas Station

Jiffy Mart Gas Station

The Jiffy Mart Gas Station Convenience Store and Subway in Hinesburg is a good example of a difficult and successful project. Champlain Oil Company was looking to re-build and enlarge the store. However, during the planning process, the store burned to the ground from an electrical problem that occurred in the middle of the night. Plans had to accelerate to get things back up and running.

Champlain Oil Company quickly made the decision to re-build and expand in the same location as the original store. TCE produced design plans very quickly, but the regulatory process was extremely complex. Champlain Oil Company had inherited out-dated permits, and a host of regulatory requirements for the entire subdivision (including several other businesses and residences). To further complicate matters, they needed a municipal connection for both sewer and water over 3000 feet away.

TCE used plans from the neighboring farmer to supplement the complete design package. This package included Site Plans, Lighting, Landscaping, Stormwater, Erosion, Sewer and Water Plan/Profiles and various Construction Details. Due to the prior deficiencies and normal regulatory requirements, TCE assisted in obtaining over 20 different permits. These included a Land Use Permit (Act 250), Water Supply Permit, Wastewater Permit, General Permit for both Stormwater and Erosion, Several Local Permits, Public Safety Permit assistance, Underground Tank Permit assistance, and a number of amendment permits for the various deficiencies in the adjoining properties.

The deadline to start construction was as significant as the permitting effort. TCE responded in a positive manner to get through design and permitting, and then assisted the construction phase with shop drawings, meetings, construction observation, testing, record drawings and numerous certifications. The Project was a multi-million dollar effort ending with a new store, satisfied regulators, and happy owner.

Client name
Jiffy Mart Gas Station
Site Plans, Lighting, Landscaping, Stormwater, Erosion, Sewer and Water Plan/Profiles