1. WetlandsWhat is a wetland?
    • Wetlands are areas that are wet for a period of time to support the growth of wetland vegetation. For more info click here
  2. Aren’t wetlands bad?
    • No, wetlands serve many functions and values. They benefit the public’s health, safety, and welfare. This includes water storage, water filtration, groundwater recharge, erosion control, nutrient cycling, and wildlife habitat. 
  3. How does that impact me?
    • Inadvertently impacting a wetland or its protected buffer can yield big fines, and cause significant delays or redesigns. Not to mention impacting natural resource functions that provides services!
  4. Can I get a permit to fill them in?
    • Sometimes that’s possible, but it’s better to avoid them. We can help design your site to avoid or minimize impacts. 
  5. What can I do?
    • Call 802-879-6331 x110 or email Karina Dailey our Professional Wetland Scientist. The sooner the better since the growing season is almost over!