Stormwater & Erosion abatementEcologists Karina Dailey, PWS, and Andrea Dotolo, E.I, presented,  “Conservation Ecology in a Developing Landscape – A case study of three Vermont projects and navigating the state and local regulations designed to conserve natural resources” a the Northeast Natural History Conference in Burlington, VT on April 18, 2018.  The presentation was very well attended and multiple regulators and scientists complimented on the presentation and the fresh perspective.

As consulting ecologists and environmental engineers in Vermont it is our job to help landowners (commercial, residential, renewable, other) navigate the local, state, and federal regulations that may impact their project. Three (3) recent urban/suburban projects by TCE were presented with a step by step breakdown of planning, fieldwork, design (ecological and engineered), and permitting. The Automaster in Shelburne,  as well as Colchester Avenue Apartments and South Forty Solar in Burlington were discussed.  Each project is subject to, and provided a discussion of how,  regulations conserve Vermont’s protected natural resources within the confines of a developing landscape.

Karina also provided an overview of wetlands in Vermont and how they are defined, demarcated, and protect under various local, state and federal laws.