Women of TCELast May, TCE wrote a post in honor of the women of TCE who are beating the odds in workplace gender equality. At the time, TCE staff was made up of 50% women – which is impressive! This year however, with our newest team member Lucy Thayer on board, we officially have more women than men, making our new percentage 52% female! The women of TCE have positions ranging from Administration, Human Resources, Drafter, Environmental Scientist, to Surveyor, and of course, Engineer.

The US Department of Labor notes that only 13% of engineers are women, and only 10% of architectural and engineering managers are women. 3 out of 7 members of TCE’s Senior Leadership Team are women, an impressive 43%!

We’re proud to be a company that is always striving to be the best we can. In order to do that, we see and celebrate people for their accomplishments, attitudes, and work ethics. We promote and hire people based on their abilities and who they are. This is an exciting time at TCE, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!