VTULTCE regularly uses Vermont Underground Locators to help with a variety of subsurface utility locating tasks.  From locating utility lines in a parking lot, to finding a missing septic tank, or using a pipe inspection camera to assess the condition of an old pipe, having the tools and expertise from Vermont Underground Locators (VTUL) is a game changer.  Our survey crews can rely on accurate locations of all the site utilities and produce better existing conditions maps, which results in a better overall design and less problems when we go to construction.  For our site contractor friends, we have seen that VTUL can be a huge asset to them by locating lines ahead of any excavation work.  They also locate water leaks and power faults which can save a lot of money and hassle for our clients.  Lastly, they work on hydrants doing repairs or maintenance and can perform fire flow testing for us to assist in the design of our water systems.

Digsafe is still required anywhere in VT, BEFORE you dig so call 811!   However, Digsafe does not located ALL utilities, for that you need to hire a private locating service, and VTUL is the best in Vermont.