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Meet the Team at Trudell Consulting Engineers

At TCE we work collaboratively to help our clients succeed.

Senior Management

Jeremy Matosky
Jeremy Matosky, PE
As owner of the firm Jeremy oversees all staff, projects, operations, marketing, and finances. He provides technical expertise and project management on a variety of projects including Act 250, Act 248, and local permitting.

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John Pitrowiski, PE
John Pitrowiski, PE
Vice President - Engineering
John is our most experienced engineer and oversees the engineering department. He is responsible for project management, permitting and engineering design as well as marketing and sales for the firm.

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Mark Day
Mark Day, LLS
Vice President - Land Surveying
Mark is our Chief Land Surveyor and oversees the survey crews, conducts deed research and field work, and prepares final drawings and plats.

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Nate Howells
Nate Howells, PE
Engineering Manager - Williston
As a member of our leadership team, Nate is responsible for project management, permitting, and engineering design. He oversees the engineering staff in our Williston office and is constantly working on improving our internal processes to increase staff efficiency and productivity.

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Abby Dery
Abigail Dery, PE
Senior Project Manager
Abby is our resident traffic guru, her responsibilities include project management, engineering & site design, gathering field information and providing traffic analysis. She is also an integral part of our leadership team and focuses on improving our project management capabilities.

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Amanda Raab
Amanda Raab
Field / Staff Engineer
Amanda is an ambitious Staff Engineer responsible for designing and managing projects with a focus on water, wastewater and stormwater design and permitting.

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Andre Lambert
Andre Lambert
Survey / Site Technician
Andre brings 30+ years of experience in septic design, survey, and construction observation and enjoys helping homeowners solve their on-site septic issues. He’s mentoring the younger site technicians and occasionally still helps out on the survey crew.

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Mona Powers
Romona Powers
Mona is our most experienced CADD draftsperson with over 25 years drafting site plans and construction details.

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Ryan Ruggiero, E.I.
Staff Engineer
Ryan is a recent addition to Trudell Consulting Engineers and is currently working as a staff engineer and survey technician. He performs a variety of engineering tasks and assists with survey fieldwork as needed.

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Jennifer Desautels
Jennifer Desautels, PE
Engineering Manager - St. Albans
As a member of our leadership team, Jenn is responsible for project management, permitting and engineering design on a variety of projects. She oversees our St. Albans Office staff as well as our CAD Dept.

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Peter Mazurak
Peter Mazurak, P.E.
Project Engineer
Peter has over 20 years of engineering design experience. He is spearheading our growing business and various projects in Grand Isle and Franklin County out of the St. Albans Office. He also provides additional technical support to the Williston Office.

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Nate Collins
Nate Collins
Designer / Artist / IT Support
Nate is our resident artist and excels at 3D renderings. He also provides CAD and technical IT support to the office.

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Colen Johnson, E.I.
Staff Engineer / Survey Tech
Colen is a recent addition to TCE and is currently working as a Staff Engineer and helping out in the survey department as needed. He’s a quick study and will be taking on more responsibility quickly.  With that accent he’s obviously not from VT, originally from South Carolina, he spent the past several years working for the Montana Department of Transportation gaining valuable knowledge in survey, design and (Big) construction.

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Karina Dailey
Karina Dailey, PWS
Environmental Manager / Senior Ecologist
Karina heads our Environmental Department and her responsibilities include wetland & stream delineations, habitat assessments, and various other ecological studies. She also serves as an expert in a variety of Act 250, and Act 248 projects.

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Ben Oxender
Benjamin Oxender, ASLA
Landscape Architect
Ben is a Landscape Architect and elevates our designs with his expertise in site planning and landscape design. He has a keen eye for design and a broad knowledge base that serves our projects and clients well.

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Andrea Dotolo
Andrea Dotolo, E.I.
Environmental Engineer & Ecologist
Andrea is a very talented environmental engineer and ecologist who assists with various engineering and environmental tasks, including wetland delineations, stormwater design, GIS analysis, GPS, and permitting.  Andrea is quickly developing a wide array of knowledge for local and state regulatory process and site design.  She’s soft spoken, has an incredible intellect, is detailed oriented and manages complex tasks efficiently and on time!

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Brittany LeBeau
Staff Ecologist / GIS Analyst
Brittany assists with various engineering and environmental work, including wetland delineations, stormwater annual inspection, GIS maps and analysis, GPS, and permitting. In her short time at TCE she’s proven to be a very talented engineer and ecologist. She’s soft spoken but gets the job done well and on time!

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Mark Day
Mark Day, LLS
Survey Manager
Mark is our Chief Land Surveyor and oversees the survey crews, conducts deed research and field work, and prepares final drawings and plats. His organizational skills are impeccable and he is working hard to increase business and our reputation for excellence in the survey arena. He’s also the president of VSLS, and manages to find time to enjoy hockey with his sons.

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Heath Butler
Land Surveyor / Manager
Heath is a recent addition to our survey department and brings a wealth of local knowledge and survey experience.  Heath will be managing survey related projects under Mark’s direction.  He previously worked as a crew chief and site technician for LaRose Surveys in Bristol, VT for the past 5+ years.

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Brad Perry
Brad Perry
Survey Crew Chief
Brad is one of our hardest working employees. His attention to detail in the field and cool attitude under pressure keeps him in high demand on construction sites.  On rare days when not in the field he provides deed research or CAD support.

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Nicole Snow
Land Survey Technician
Nicole is a new addition to the team at Trudell. In her brief time here she has been able to experience many different aspects of surveying. She has assisted in basic boundary, topographic, and ALTA surveys, as well as construction layout.

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Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor, LLS
Chief Surveyor Emeritus
Scott enjoys spending time with his grandkids these days, but on sunny ones you might see him out with our survey crew in the field teaching them a thing or two.

Support Staff

Lori Hennessey
Lori Hennessey
Operations Manager
As a key member of our leadership team, Lori is the hub of our organization and is responsible for company’s wellness program, HR, operations, and bookeeping within the firm.

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Zoe Dubilier
Administrative Assistant / Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Zoe greets customers in person and over the phone at our front desk on weekday afternoons, as well as managing client checks and receipts.

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Lindsay Kittell
Lindsay Kittell
Project Administrator/ Marketing
Lindsay provides administrative support for staff, permit & construction related submittals, project coordination, client database management, as well as marketing and design of business development materials.

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Wendy Sicard
Administrative Assistant
Wendy provides administrative support for staff, client database management, and provides a warm and friendly reception at the front office.

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