Vermont Stormwater Inspections – How Often Are They Needed?

Why should stormwater ponds be inspected periodically?

We get this question frequently.  Much like today’s automobiles, stormwater systems (not just the pond) are expensive! They’re also more complex than ever before and require periodic “tune ups”. Legally an inspection is required every year to operate them, and similar to vehicles (and septic systems), if you ignore the little stuff the results can become catastrophic.Tech Park Pond - Vermont

TCE’s Engineering Department has decades of experience serving our clients’ stormwater permit compliance needs.  Once we complete a design, we prefer to stay involved since these systems require annual observations, periodic maintenance annual reporting, and permit renewal and re-certification services every few years. We currently review over 100 stormwater treatment systems all over Vermont, and not just the ones we designed.

Annual Inspection reports are required for all Operational Stormwater Discharge Permits issued by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation Stormwater Program. These reports inform the State about system condition, performance, and necessary maintenance and are required by permit to be submitted by July 15th every year.  The reports are based on site observations that must occur between snowmelt and June 15th of every year.  Did you know that having a permit “out of compliance” can jeopardize your ability to sell or refinance your property?  No one wants to deal with this at the last minute before a closing.

Stormwater 3 Acre permit- VermontOur engineers are adept at identifying problems and can help you ensure the systems are performing properly as well as avoiding costly significant repairs if preventative maintenance is done. So, if you have a stormwater system, give us a call and let’s make sure it’s legally in compliance and working properly to keep our waters clean and your wallet protected.


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